GooglePiPhoto – Google Album player for your tv

What this does

  • Plays a slideshow based on a Google Photos link received in an email.
  • You get an email alert whenever there’s a new album to play as well as a bell chime from the tv.
  • When it loads up it’ll show you its ip address to make it easier for you to terminal in to.

Benefits and Uses

  • Remotely manage what is played on a television. Great for grandparents as well as digital signage.
  • Runs on Pi! That’s just $5 when using the Pi Zero W.

All development was done on a raspberry pi zero. This image works on any Pi. Runs Raspbian and uses feh.

To configure:

  • Terminal into your Pi using the default username/password for Raspbian
  • Modify the file config.ini to suit your needs
    The GMAIL portion represents the account used to receive Google Photo links.
    The SLIDESHOW portion sets some options for feh (program used to play slideshow).
    The ALERT portion is the email you want to receive notifications whenever the album being played is changed/updated.
  • Allow less secure apps to access the Gmail account. (THIS MUST BE DONE)
    Use the directions here:
    Note: I would recommend creating a separate Gmail account for this. Do not use your primary one.
; config.ini




It’s an image file you write to an micro sd card.

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