Create an ISO of macOS High Sierra Installer app

I ran into trouble trying to get this to work using the instructions on the internet. This is what worked for me.
They key here for me was getting the right size “-size 5600m” and the right partition layout “-layout GPTSPUD” otherwise the createinstallmedia command would fail with an erase error (due to partition layout) and an app copy error (due to image size).

hdiutil create -o /tmp/HighSierra.cdr -size 5600m -layout GPTSPUD -fs HFS+J

hdiutil attach /tmp/HighSierra.cdr.dmg -noverify -mountpoint /Volumes/install_build

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ --volume /Volumes/install_build

hdiutil detach /Volumes/install_build

hdiutil convert /tmp/HighSierra.cdr.dmg -format UDTO -o /tmp/HighSierra.iso

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