Assign Office 365 Licenses via Powershell

OK. So I needed to do this. Assign a new type of license to users who already were using a particular MS license and don’t waste time assigning that new license to users who were already using it. So for this example, we’ll assign a MS 365 E3 license to users who did not already have it AND have been using a Office 365 E3 license.

Step 1:


This will output your AccountSkuid. It’s of the form
<tenant>:<license name>

You need to know the name of the license you’re targeting. In this case…
A Microsoft 365 E3 license uses the label “SPE_E3” and an Office 365 E3 license uses the label “ENTERPRISEPACK”.

Step 2:

The command to assign an MS 365 E3 license only to users who already have an O365 E3 license

Get-MsolUser -All -EnabledFilter EnabledOnly | Where-Object {$_.licenses.AccountSkuid -notcontains "mycompany:SPE_E3"} | Where-Object {$_.licenses.AccountSkuid -contains "mycompany:ENTERPRISEPACK"} | Set-MsolUserLicense -AddLicenses "mycompany:SPE_E3"

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